Monday, September 24, 2007

All Dressed Up

Lance was looking so big wearing his little tie, & he didn't mess with it at all in church--he just wants to play with Dad's tie.

Can you tell that he doesn't want to wear this hood?

Lance's new favorite place to play--under the table. It's also his escape route when daddy is chasing him. And yes, he has baby cleavage.


David's been hunting, & we've been able to go with him a few times. Lance loves to sit between us in the truck (since the car seat has to be between us) & have our attention while we drive.

Here is Daddy & his little helper. David actually wanted us to hike with him, which was fine with me, but I tried to tell him there was no way I could keep our little jabber box quiet. Daddy didn't mind one bit, he just wanted us to hike with him. Lance made sure any animal within earshot heard him. :) It was no surprise that we didn't see anything, but we had a good time on our little hike (even in the rain).

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Movie Buddies

I had young women's tonight, & was getting myself & Lance ready to go when David came home. He announced he would be skipping the gym & watching Lance. I told him he didn't have to, but he insisted. Then he started quizzing me about when I would be coming home--because he wanted to take Lance to a movie. cute. They went to see a very lame movie, & they were the only ones in the theater. Apparently there wasn't anyone else who wanted to see this movie. But it was great because Lance could squeal & scream all he wanted. He continually grabbed David's popcorn & spilled it & threw it all over. He threw his treat container 3 rows in front of him & spilled it all over. He yelled when the movie was loud (I guess he needed to be louder). He squirmed all over the place. And because Lance was a wild boy & there was nobody else in the theater, they were able to run around & entertain themselves. David is such a great daddy. Lance came home exhausted, & I got a couple hours to go to young women's & do some shopping.

Friday, September 14, 2007

My Scaredy Cats

I started to post this earlier today, but David read it over my shoulder & told me I couldn't post it because it made him sound wimpy. He's not here now, so I'm typing fast, and here's the disclaimer: my husband is not a wimp--not in the least. But, we are both afraid of bears. We've heard there are lots of bears around here, and although we have yet to see one (except in Yellowstone), & we know many people sleep out in tents here & survive to tell of their camping trips, we are still very afraid. That said, on with the story.
Last night David informed me that he would be going hunting at 4:30 in the morning. He would be hunting with a man whose camp was only accessible by a hiking/biking/horse trail. He would be biking in the dark for 5 miles to get to this camp. This sounded great, but I did point out a few obvious draw-backs. One, neither of us have a bike, & two, he hadn't liked this trail at dusk (ran down it afraid bears were following), so how would it be in complete darkness?! He solved the first problem when he ran into a neighbor & paid her ten bucks to "rent" her ten year old son's bike. And he assured me he would have a flashlight.

David did leave the house at 4:30 am, but I was extremely startled to hear the shower running at 7 am--until I remembered that killers don't usually break in to take showers (at least I've never heard of that). Apparently my big scaredy cat hadn't made it more than 500 yards up the trail when he decided to head back home. He then painted a very vivid picture of his morning expedition for me.

Imagine David in full camo with his face painted, 6'2" tall with his knees hitting the handle bars of his little bike. He has on his back a very full back pack, in one hand a giant mag flashlight (maybe he could beat the bears with it), & he had his bow & arrows hanging around his neck. No, there isn't a strap on his bow, it was just hanging by it's own strings--choking him. He's pedaling for all he's worth all the while keeping an eye out for vicious animals. When all of a sudden...he sees a pair of beady eyes ahead in the dark. And my very brave husband turned tail & pedaled even faster back down the trail.

In all his terror--looking over his shoulder for his predator--he spotted his deadly foe. Now, David's always bragging about his "keen" eyesight, & it was his very keen eyes that spotted a little tiny fox behind him. Whew! What a morning adventure. But I'm glad he survived it.

I got quite a kick out of this story--couldn't quit laughing. And I want to stress again, that my husband is not a wimp. It's just that he's so entertaining I just had to share his story. Here's also a picture of our little scaredy cat. He's been terrified of this big stability ball. He cries when he sees it, crawls away from it if it rolls near him, & clings to David if his daddy tries to get him to touch the big scary ball. Today was a milestone--he was actually okay with the ball for a couple minutes. But he's not a wimp either. :)