Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Personal Trainer

I have the best husband ever! No, please don't argue. He really is the best.

So, I've been trying to lose weight. The first week I worked my butt off (except it's still there). I also gave up my coke :( and chocolate--for the most part. David asked if he could be my trainer, and I said yes. But poor guy...I won't do a thing he says. I'm just difficult like that. And what did I have to show for that first week of pain & sadness (over having no coke or chocolate)? A whopping two pounds. I know it's something, but I was still disappointed. Of course my honey knows how to cheer me up and says to me, "Lookin' good." Then checking out my backside he says, "You must have lost those three pounds from your butt." Go ahead laugh (jerks--you don't know, maybe he's right--now I can't stop laughing). But the thing is, I love him all the more for saying such a ridiculous thing. Especially because he said three pounds when I only lost two! Be still my heart. :)