Friday, December 24, 2010

Naughty or Nice?

After Lance & Luke told Santa what they wanted for Christmas, Santa asked Lance what he was getting his brother for Christmas.  Lance thought for a second & replied, " be nice to my brudder."  Definitely nice.

Luke is two.  All two year olds are naughty by default.  I think that makes them exempt from "the list."  They get presents just because they are cute.  Cute apparently negates naughty.

As for Daddy...
I've convinced the boys that Daddy is naughty & Santa is bringing him a lump of coal. :)  I asked the boys if they wanted to help wrap a present for Daddy.  Lance told me Daddy wasn't getting any presents, just coal.  And as much as I like the idea, what if Santa actually brings presents for David?  I can't have the boys thinking Santa brings presents to naughty boys (what will I hold over their heads all through the month of December?).  Daddy better be awful nice today!  He's got a lot of ground to make up.  What's that?  What makes David naughty, you ask?  Let's see...
  1. "Wow Luke!!  Those are some thick thighs!  Just like Mama's."  REALLY DAVID???  Haven't we already gone over this--this exact statement???  No wife, and I mean NO wife, would let her husband live after a comment like that!!  Definitely naughty.  I don't care if it's the truth.  Naughty.
  2. "You look really nice, Rachel."  Hmmmm, doing better.  "Except for your hair."  I think the second statement cancels the first.  Naughty.
  3. When I pulled out the Christmas ornaments this year, I found tiny round holes in some of the balls.  I was baffled.  But wait!  Do you remember a post about David & his BB gun?  And how I found out he had been shooting it INSIDE the apartment?  Mystery solved.  Naughty.
  4. Then there were the wooden TV trays that looked like they had been stabbed with a knife a few times.  But it wasn't knives.  It was from ninja stars that had been thrown in the apartment.  I don't think David gets the whole indoor vs. outdoor activity thing.  Although I'm pretty sure ninja stars shouldn't be thrown anywhere.  Unless you're a ninja.  David isn't one.  Naughty.
  5. Then there are the numerous toys broken by Daddy (because he was doing something he shouldn't), and all the times he has thought it was funny to make the boys cry.  And about a gazillion other naughty things.
I guess he has done one or two nice things this year.  I still think David making the nice list is a long shot.  He probably thinks the same of me--I won't go into details. :)  But I know Santa really well.  I think I'm good.

**Christmas Update**
Santa apparently thought David was good.  But somehow the BB gun made it's way out Christmas morning.  And I found a BB embedded in the wall of the sitting room.  Don't worry.  David assures me he will paint over it.  

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Of course I'm late on this....I always am.  Lance turned four last month!!  He had been asking every day since August if it was his birthday yet.  And a month after his birthday he is still singing Happy Birthday to Lance.  :)
Lance opening presents on his actual birthday.  And the banana in the picture...David wrapped it.  He thought it was hilarious.

 Luke was thrilled to be able to open a present, too.

 His birthday party.  Blowing out the candles on the pink birthday cake.  Pink cake, pink frosting.  Lance picked it.  I figured the iron man action figures on it counteracted the pink. ;)

 I didn't get pictures of most of the party, but I'm pretty sure Lance had lots of fun.  I had my very own party organizer (thank you, Lynette!!) who made sure the party was everything a little boy could want.  I love you, Lancey!!  And stop growing up!