Friday, February 3, 2012

Jaxon's Beauty Parlor

These pictures are from a year ago, but I came across them today, and I couldn't believe I hadn't posted them sooner! My niece, Kendra had gotten a beauty salon kit for her birthday, and her cousin (and my nephew), Jaxon, was so excited to try it doing Kendra's hair and makeup of course!

Applying lipstick.

Brushing her hair. 

Still brushing while Kendra gives herself a haircut.

And still brushing. It helps to stick out your tongue (talk about concentration).

See, you're glad I shared them, too, right?  Are they not the two cutest little redheads?  Side note: While they are cousins, they like to refer to themselves as twins.  Oh my heck...more cuteness! :)