Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fair Fun

This weekend we were happy to see a little fair setting up with lots of kiddie rides. We missed it last year, and I was really excited to be able to take Lance this year. I couldn't wait to watch his little face & see his reaction to the rides. And I was definitely not disappointed.

He loved all the rides. Except for maybe Dizzy Dragons, and it was David's fault that Lance didn't like that one. David rode with him & spun the dragon so fast that poor Lance laid down on the bench & waited for the ride to end (which surprisingly didn't stop David from continuing to spin). All the other rides were big hits with the little roller coaster being his favorite. He smiled & woo hoo-ed more than he ever has. And he cried his little eyes out when he couldn't ride the big "fweens" with Daddy. He tried with all his might to climb the barrier to get on the swings.

I just carried Luke from ride to ride to watch Lance (and sometimes Daddy). It was super windy, and Luke was pretty fussy the whole time. He perked right up, though when we ate hot dogs & candy apples. Which we ate extremely fast because Lance was itchin' to get on some more rides. And for two days after the fair, the crook of my arm was stiff & sore from carrying around my lump of Luke--he's a big boy!

Lance rode all the rides a couple times before we carried him away kicking & screaming. I'm sure he would have ridden rides & played & danced until they kicked us out, but Mom & Dad & Luke were all tired. I did manage to get a few pictures, and we all had lots of fun. But none so much as Lance.
My two big boys riding their buckin' broncs.

Cars--it's a boy thing, & it starts young. :)

The slides were another favorite.

Engineer like Grandpa.

It looks like he's mid-woo hoo here.

My biggest boy needed help getting buckled into his "fween."

There, all safe.

Awwwww, How Sweet!

This is one of those posts that David thinks is completely lame. And yet, I'm going to share it anyway. It was a rare moment of blatant sweetness from my hubby, so how could I not share it.

The heart was hand-crafted with love out of an apple.

Right before he presented me with this wonderful sandwich of love :) he told me I was hot and said something very nice about my boo-tay. Don't remember what he said. Doesn't matter. All that matters is that it was nice. Don't get me wrong, I have a wonderful husband. But this kind of display of affection? Not to mention he made me a sandwich! And no ladies...he wasn't buttering me up. I had to clear that up before my sisters wrote completely inappropriate comments about my husbands good intentions.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Our One Warm(ish) Day

We have had weeks of clouds, thunderstorms, rain, & wind. For the most part, the temperature stays in the 50's & 60's. It's really my kind of weather, since I hate the heat (and the heat will be here soon enough). But it's not great for taking the boys out to play. And the forecast shows nothing but them same in the near future. I'm sharing some pics that were taken a while ago. They were taken on a rare sunny day where the temp was in the 70's. We made the most of the day with some fishing on the little lake behind our apartment and a swim in the pool that is literally steps outside our back door. Oh, and a little play time at the playground right next to the lake. Talk about convenient. I love where we live. Let me clear that up. I love the location of our apartment. :) See that tiny speck? That's David & Lance in the tiny raft.

Here's David & Luke. He took the boys out one at a time. And didn't get much fishing in at all. He spent most of his time with Lance trying to keep him from jumping into the lake. And Luke is just so grabby that there was no way to keep the fishing pole from him. But I think they all had fun.

While David & Lance were out on the lake, I thought I would lay out a blanket for me & Luke & I could read. But as I've already mentioned, Luke is so stinkin' grabby. There would be no reading for me, but we enjoyed the sunny day relaxing on the grass. And funny enough, Luke hates grass as much as his big brother did. Put him on a blanket in the grass, and he's goin' nowhere.

Later we took the boys to the pool. David wanted to see how well the life jackets worked (just to be certain). Lance loved "fweening" in the pool with his life jacket, but Luke just kind of lay there unmoving. He was very unimpressed by his personal floatation device. His face in the next picture shows just what he thought. And if you can't tell...he's showing me his irritation (working up to mad). Lance, on the other hand, crawled aboard the S.S.Daddy because that's what dad's are for.

And can you tell from the pool pictures that our rare moment of sunshine had already passed by the time we were at the pool? But I'll take what I can get. :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009


...to my last post as per David.

Last night David started reading over my shoulder as I finished up my post. He NEVER reads my blog. Has no clue what I blog about. He's not even interested. But last night when he caught a glimpse of his name, he decided he should know what I was writing about him. This brought about some discussions about what he thinks I should not blog about. I've taken his thoughts into consideration & decided to make a couple corrections.

In my last post, I mentioned a little scuffle over who got the TV remote. This made David's jaw drop open & eyes pop out of their sockets. Apparently, he thinks this would give people the idea that we watch TV. His exact words, "Now everyone is going to think we watch TV! We are not TV watchers! That makes it sound like all we do is sit around & watch TV! Oh, the horror!" Okay, he didn't say 'oh, the horror,' but he was dramatic enough that he might as well have said it. So to correct my previous error, *ahem* we would,um...never take advantage of the free cable (even though this is the only time since we were married that we have had TV), and we certainly would never, um...waste our precious time on watching TV. Nope, not us. Never. We were only fighting for the remote because, um...we were. That's all. Oh, and I should add that we, um...NEVER EVER sit on the couch. Who would do such a thing?! Yeah, in our spare time in the evenings before bed, we like to, um...do calisthenics & stuff. And I guess I should clarify that I, um...never sit down at the computer to blog. No, I would never do that. In fact, I, um...run in place while I type. Yeah, sure, that's what I do.

As for David at a spa? I don't know what I was thinking. He would never go to a girly spa. He's way too macho & masculine for that. Silly me. He would, um...never go to a spa for a relaxing massage, and, um...never sit around in a robe afterward in a room with a bunch of women all lying around on chaise loungers, some sleeping, some chatting, all drinking expensive bottled water. Why, even as I type that, it sounds way to, um...girly for David. Besides, even if he were to do that, he probably would have been so relaxed that he would drool on the sandaled foot of the masseuse. And that would be way too embarrassing. He would NEVER do that.

Whew! I feel so much better having cleared that up. ;)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Memorial Weekend - What a Dinger!

It's 10:30 pm, all the boys are sleeping, and have been for a couple hours. I should be sleeping, but instead I'm sitting at the computer enjoying absolute silence. Ahhhhhhhh, it's wonderful. So what better way to spend my oh so quiet time than blogging?

I have so many things to blog that I'll probably never catch up, but I guess I can start with our Memorial Day weekend. It was pretty much fishing, fishing, & more fishing. David can't wait to camp every weekend, but since it's still too cold to camp here, it's fishing every weekend--and some days after he gets off work. Lance runs to the door when Daddy gets home & starts getting his shoes on, all the while saying, "Go fissing. Get pole. 'Mon Daddy."

It has rained every day here for about 3 weeks, and Memorial weekend was no exception. But that did not keep my avid fishermen from enjoying a few days at the lake. The first day, I stayed home with Luke who had a fever & let the two big boys ;) go alone. It poured that day, and David put out a tarp. The two of them laid under it & waited for the bells on their poles to jingle. They would run to reel in their catches, throw them back in the lake, and run back to their shelter. Lance caught his first fish. He was extremely excited to reel it in, but would absolutely not touch it.

The next day, I made David take me with them. We drove about an hour & a half to a lake we'd never been to...only to find out there wasn't a place where you could fish from the shore. David tried to fish, but with no success. But we had fun roasting hot dogs & marshmallows. Lance played in the dirt, pretended to eat marshmallows--taking bites & spitting them on the ground, and tried to feed Luke rocks. I really only turned my back for half a second when I heard, "Here Wukey, eat wock!" I turned around to see Lance trying to shove a rock in Luke's mouth. It was a good thing Luke refused to open his mouth. Usually he eats anything in front of him.

The highlight of the day? Why that would be when I backed the van into the truck! Oopsie. And all because I was throwing a fit (which was David's fault). It was muddy, cold, windy, & rainy, and we drove an hour and a half to a lake where we couldn't even fish (David's fault). He made us take two vehicles because it's squishy in the truck, & he didn't want to go in the van (David's fault). And he picked a dumb camp site where the vehicles were parked super close to each other (David's fault). Being the mature adult that I am, I told David that he picked a dumb place, I was cold, & I was taking Luke home. Got in the van, and....David's fault. You can clearly see who's fault it was, right? Of course, I'll just let him keep thinking it's my fault. ;) Check out that dent! It actually looks much worse than the pictures show. It's a real dinger. And after all that? I had a really great time with my three boys in the cold & mud.

I know this is a really long post, but I've had some requests for a Daily Dose of David. Apparently I'm not the only one entertained by my ridiculous hubby. So what shall I share tonight? How about his nifty new neck brace?

He had a kinked neck for 3 days. He walked around as if he was seriously wounded. He got out of helping with much of anything because he claimed to be in great pain. He used ice packs. He took hot showers. He did stretches. He even went to a spa for a deep tissue massage. And when none of that helped--and when I refused to buy him a neck brace (come on! it's only a kinked neck! we've all had them & lived to tell about it! without neck braces! big baby! whaaa whaaa!), he used the handy dandy rolled up towel tied around the neck trick. And behold, a miracle. Where he could hardly move before, he was now able to jump off the couch & wrestle me for the remote! Can I get a hallelujah? :)