Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stickers & Crayons

This is the only place that Lance will play alone--in his box. He usually plays in whatever room I am in. This means that he follows me room to room carrying his toys with him. He makes multiple trips bringing toys from one room to another (even if I'm in a room for a few seconds) only to have to once more transport them to another room. He even hopped in the shower with me one day. He was so quiet that I didn't know he was in the shower until I turned around, & there he was...fully clothed. :) This was my solution--stickers & crayons in his big box.

If you make the pictures bigger, you can see that I drew some pictures (trees, flowers, clouds--that sort of thing) while playing with Lance. Then Daddy added some of his own artwork. I've added one of his pictures at the bottom. Check out his bulging muscles, Lance's blue eyes, Luke already crawling, and me--so fit & svelte! Well okay, a stick figure, but I'm happy he didn't try to draw hips, thighs, & all! :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

I've Got the Internet Again!!

I promised my mom I would blog. So here I am (at almost 2 am) finishing a blog I started earlier. Maybe one day I'll get better at time management, & I'll do some quality time blogging--just the computer & me. :)

The Three Amigos

This is the awesome Aunt Melinda & her new little buddy

Luke after his bath...which he loves!
Lance isn't trying to eat his brother, but he just gave him a big kiss & this is what it looks like after a big "muah."
Lance is always ready to head out the door & just run...good thing he's wearing his running suit (from the above mentioned awesome aunt--who buys him such cute things).

Monday, September 15, 2008


This is an awesome site for hair bows and baby stuff, and they make great gifts. My very talented sister (Melissa Robertson) makes these bows and the rest of us "Holm" gals will be adding baby blankets, bibs, burp cloths, and custom baby items. Check it out, and spread the word!