Monday, November 24, 2008

The Jokester Strikes Again

I don't know why anything even takes me by surprise anymore. You'd think I would hardly bat an eye at David's daily pestering, pranks, & jokes. But silly me, I just keep falling right into his traps. It's just so dang hard when he "swears" he's serious or gives no indication at all that he's joking only to inform me later that he was just joking (and by later, I mean days or weeks later).
Tonight the big jerk about gave me a heart attack.

David & I both went upstairs to get Lance ready for bed, & we left Luke in his car seat on the couch. (Yes I know, not the smartest thing to do, but we did it, & now I'm confessing for the sake of a story.) Luke started fussing, so I went back downstairs to get him. I walked behind the couch into the kitchen for a quick second (not looking at the fussing baby), but when I came back, I saw the car seat tipped over on the couch with no baby in it. Talk about a moment of panic. I couldn't see Luke, so I ran around the couch knowing he must have fallen onto the floor--only to find this.....
Does it seem a bit strange that he would have fallen right onto a cushy blanket (which was draped over a boppy pillow)? Of course this prank reeked of David, and I breathed a big sigh of relief. So I took Luke upstairs where David was already waiting for me to tell him about Luke falling out of the car seat & off the couch & trying not to laugh. I didn't say a word. And David pretended he was laughing over something else--no doubt cracking himself up. It wasn't until much later that I confessed my initial feeling of horror when I saw the overturned car seat & no baby. And we both had a good laugh.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I make really good forts. Lance & I love our forts--with flashlights (he has a flashlight fetish). We use the couch, the dining room chairs, any nearby piece of furniture, & every blanket in the house to make the biggest fort possible. The goal is to make the fort take up every bit of space in the living room (so the only way to get through the living room is to crawl through the fort). My mom taught us how to make forts. It's like an ancient art passed down from generation to generation. All of you mothers know what I'm talking about. :) I love that I can do this with Lance & that he is so excited with our forts. And then David has to go and outdo me with this....
Hmmmmm, that is a bit simpler. Now that Daddy's fort has replaced mine as the best--Lance really did love this--Mommy will have to stick to kissing owies better. I do that way better than Daddy anyway.

And now a Daily Dose of David. David recently informed me that Christmas was his favorite holiday. I laughed because as far as I know, Scrooge doesn't like any holiday. I reminded him that he doesn't like to give gifts (that means spending money), he doesn't like Christmas trees or Christmas lights, & he hates snow. He responded with, "I love Christmas music, & I love receiving gifts." And to prove his point he began singing Jingle Bells. Way to have the Christmas spirit, David. I should have known.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Lately Elmo (or as Lance says, Emmo) has been hauled around, thrown around, beaten, & loved all day long every day. Lance has had this Elmo (thank you, Grandma Holm) for almost 2 years, & I don't know how he has withstood the abuse. He is loved very much, but he is also thrown off of everything. I hear little crashes all over the house from morning to night. Upon inspection I find it was just Elmo--again. Today I found him in the high chair, in the power wheel, on the tricycle, & in the baby swing. He also sits at the table for dinner & on the couch to watch TV. But I don't like it when he messes with the computer. It's a good thing he gets many, many hugs & kisses from his buddy, or I don't think he'd hang around for long. :)

And just because he cracks me up, here's a Daily Dose of David.

"Is dinner ready, Homebody?"

"The boys need diaper changes. That's your job, Caretaker."

"That's not my job. You're the housemaker.

When taxes were done this year, David found out that my occupation was "homemaker." For some reason he hadn't heard this before?! Anyway, he found it hilarious & continues to call me by my occupational title--at least that's what he thinks. He is horrible, horrible, horrible at remembering names. This is no exception. Housebreaker & homeworker are two more of my titles, as given by my hubby.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Lance!

My baby turned 2 today! I can't believe how fast time has flown by. Kids grow up so fast, and while I enjoy all the new things Lance is learning & doing, I also am sad to see some other things disappear. But one thing will never change, & that is how much I love being a mom--how much I love being Lance's mom.

I love his little blond head & blues eyes. I love the way he needs to dance whenever he hears music. I love his constant jabbering. I love the way he rubs my cheek ever so softly & then kisses me when he thinks I'm sleeping (and sometimes when we're wide awake, & he is just lovey). I love that he is the most gentle big brother & that he piles his toys on Luke while he plays next to him--so that they are playing "together." I can't get enough of his hugs & kisses, his smiles & laughter. I can't look at him enough or squeeze him enough. He is such a happy little boy, & I marvel everyday that my Heavenly Father sent him to me.

I love you so much, Lance. Happy Birthday, Baby!
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The Arctic Cat (Power Wheels) was all David. We had never talked about getting one of these--never. I'm too cheap, and David is cheaper. I just think they are way too expensive. So you can imagine my surprise when David calls me & says, "I know what I want to get Lance for his birthday." My response, "No." I know...I'm a meanie, but I just thought it was way too much, & Lance loves so many things that I thought we could surely find something (or a bunch of somethings that would still cost less than the Power Wheels) else. We talked about it for a minute, & I thought the matter was settled. So imagine even more surprise for me when I walk into Toys R Us to find David & Lance still in the Power Wheel isle getting info on a few models.

Lance was trying out everything--sitting in every car, jeep, 4-wheeler, & suv. He had no idea that they actually did anything other than just sit, & he was happy with that. See how easy he would have been to please (and for a much better price)? He didn't need great entertainment, just a place to sit. :) But David was sooooo excited about getting a Power Wheel for him that he had made up his mind from the beginning.

We had already made the purchase when David remembered that Lance can't even steer his trike. This caused Daddy much stress, & he asked me why I hadn't reminded him of this little fact before we checked out. To which I asked, "Do You EVER listen to me?" I distinctly remember sharing this tidbit with him while in the store. Not only does Lance not know how to steer, it turns out he cannot brake either. But boy, did he ever have a wonderfully fun day.

I heard "Woo hoo--wooooo" all day long. He's a maniac in the Arctic Cat! And his amazement at discovering that it actually drove....well, it was priceless. Daddy got an A+ from his boy on this present. And I think it's pretty cute, myself.

The rest of the day was really uneventful (compared to the Power Wheel). After church we went outside to try it out. Then we had cake--well, Mom had cake. Lance just licked off the candles, & David doesn't even like cake (weirdo). Then we went out again for some more driving. Lance is a great little driver--as long as he never has to turn or stop. :)

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Lance is a lucky boy to share a birthday with his Grandpa (who he adores, of course). We just wanted to tell him Happy Birthday. We all miss you (Lance misses you the most) & love you. Hope you had a wonderful day. Happy Birthday!!

Grandpa & Lance

Grandpa & Luke

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Ninja & the Ghost

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On Halloween we did some pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating, & lots of candy eating. I had never carved pumpkins before, & I found it wasn't fun, & I was horrible at it. David tried to get Lance to help, but he hated to touch the pumpkin guts. He did love them once they were done & had lights inside them. Oh, and he enjoyed pulling the teeth of David's pumpkin--funny kid.

The trick-or-treating was a bit more fun. Lance was a ninja--or as he says, a "nawsha." And Luke was a ghost. Okay, so we didn't plan on taking Luke door to door, so he just got a little onesie with a ghost face, but he's cute anyway. :) I had to bribe Lance with a sucker just to get him to sit still for a few pictures. But this meant he had a sucker in his mouth for every picture. Oh well, at least he held still & didn't push Luke off his lap. After pictures Lance threw his hat on the ground & gave his trick-or-treat basket to his dad. David had to carry it the rest of the night (unless he needed to peer inside & grab an occasional treat). Our ninja didn't really get the whole door to door thing. He mostly ran up & down the sidewalks following all the other kids. In fact, if he couldn't see any kids or adults at the door or on the porch of a house, he didn't even want to approach it. The good news is he really wore himself out running up & down sidewalks and back & forth between houses following kids.

On the way home from trick-or-treating we spotted some "Rexburg Heroes." I'm so disappointed that I didn't get a picture--I actually drove around the block to find them for a picture, but they disappeared. It was three college guys dressed in tight shirts, tights, sneakers, capes, masks, & over the top of the tights...tighty whiteys. Two of them were wearing ski masks--you know the kind that cover the whole head & face. And one of them had a leopard print scarf tied around his eyes for a mask. They stood on the curve, hands on hips & chests puffed out, occasionally giving a parade wave. Talk about hilarious.

I also didn't get pictures of the ward costume party. It was a couple nights ago, & Lance once again had a ball following the big kids around. One kid was playing with Lance, & then when he turned his back, Lance gave him a bear hug from behind--what a nice boy. And my favorite was the cupcake walk: all the kids walking in a circle while music played, Lance in the middle of the circle dancing. Who needs cupcakes when you can dance?