Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Halloween Party

These are pictures from my nieces Halloween birthday party.  I know you'll all be wondering how I got my hubby to dress up so ridiculously.  The answer...he's a sucker he'll do anything for his boys.  My little clown, Lance, wanted to be just that--a clown.

The Sideshow Shelley's.  I made all our costumes.  Notice David's pants hanging out of his costume?  I outlawed them for trick-or-treating.  But I didn't get pictures on Halloween. :(

Me, my mom, and my sisters.

My mom & dad.  I don't think my dad had ever dressed up for Halloween before.  And he's wearing tights!!! :)  We told her to make him walk the plank if he acted up.

The Wild (and wicked) Whitts.  They looked awesome!
And Dustin looked absolutely CRAZY!

Cruella & her crew, the Rowdy Robertsons.  Cruella (who threw a fantastic party) is holding the birthday dalmatian.  Mrs. DeVille also made all of these costumes.

Bibbity Bobbity Boo...the Schofieldians!
Kenderella in her awesome dress (which I helped make 'cause I am awesome, too *wink*).

Pumpkin Carving

I really dread carving pumpkins.  I usually get stuck gutting the pumpkins while David carves out ridiculous hideous interesting faces.  This year was no exception.  I cleaned out pumpkins the whole time while David destroyed the pumpkins.  I didn't take pictures of the finished products because, well, they were ugly.  And not in the "I tried my best" kind of way...they were really, really ugly.  I almost didn't put them out on the porch.  But since the neighbors carved pumpkins with us, they knew whose handiwork was on display.  The highlight of the pumpkin carving festivities...David, his sawzall, and his pumpkin mask.

Boys and their toys.  He really did use a sawzall to carve the pumpkins.  And I about had a heart attack.

This little hilarious stunt lasted for. ev. er.  The neighbors laughed a lot, and I rolled my eyes a lot.
Oh, and the pumpkin...actually ended up on the porch.  After trick-or-treating & seeing all the pumpkins in the neighborhood, I can safely say that we had the ugliest pumpkins right in front of our house. :)

Next year, David won't be invited to our pumpkin carving party.  Unless he comes as the entertainment.

My 2 Year Old

The Incredible Luke turned 2 this summer!

Aunt Julie made the cute cake.

Woody helped Luke blow out the candle.

Opening presents

I sent David for a superhero kind of pinata...this is what he brought home.

These are the capes I made for the guests.
If you can't tell, this one is Hulk's fist.  I drew all the applique's for the capes, and I'm no artist. 
I added ruffles to the girlie capes. :)  And the Ben 10 cape was a special request.

He's my rough-and-tumble boy.  He's always a superhero.  Anything in his hands becomes a gun, sword, or weapon of some sort.  He's noisy & dirty.  He destroys all in his path.  And yet, he is my cuddly, huggy, kissy boy.  He brings so much love, laughter, and joy into our home.  I am so grateful that this little boy was sent to our family & that I get to be his mommy.  I love you, my Lukey!!