Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Halloween Party

These are pictures from my nieces Halloween birthday party.  I know you'll all be wondering how I got my hubby to dress up so ridiculously.  The answer...he's a sucker he'll do anything for his boys.  My little clown, Lance, wanted to be just that--a clown.

The Sideshow Shelley's.  I made all our costumes.  Notice David's pants hanging out of his costume?  I outlawed them for trick-or-treating.  But I didn't get pictures on Halloween. :(

Me, my mom, and my sisters.

My mom & dad.  I don't think my dad had ever dressed up for Halloween before.  And he's wearing tights!!! :)  We told her to make him walk the plank if he acted up.

The Wild (and wicked) Whitts.  They looked awesome!
And Dustin looked absolutely CRAZY!

Cruella & her crew, the Rowdy Robertsons.  Cruella (who threw a fantastic party) is holding the birthday dalmatian.  Mrs. DeVille also made all of these costumes.

Bibbity Bobbity Boo...the Schofieldians!
Kenderella in her awesome dress (which I helped make 'cause I am awesome, too *wink*).


Crystal said...

That was a really fun party and you are the best seamstress EVER....thank you so much for helping with K's dress:)

Grandma 'D' said...

Definately the party of the year. Most fun I have had for a Halloween. My girls are so stinkin talented when it comes to sewing.
Love the pics and especially my little boys. Muahhh!

Nat Lud said...

Yeah you Holm girls definitely know how to make a gal feel very un-Martha like! I am so jealous of all your skills! :) You guys all did great with your costume choices. And I am super impressed with all of your hubbies and their cooperativeness!

Tim and Katie Jean said...

oh my gosh. I miss you.

Lora said...

Love them all!! To bad we don't live closer to share some sewing secrets....I have a feeling you could teach me a bunch :)

Jeep and Nisha's Family said...

The costumes are so great - I especially love the clowns! I am also jealous - I wish someone would teach me how to sew ;)