Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sexy Boops

No, that's not a typo in the title. It's referring to my little model in the sexy red snow boots. He wants to wear them every day. First thing in the morning he comes downstairs and says, "boops." I don't mind him wearing them all the time (I'll probably be the mom who lets him wear swim shorts with snow boots), but I did finally hide them because I got tired of him taking shoes on and off all day long. This is what I hear nonstop: boops, soos, boops, soos, boops, soos (boots & shoes). He can take them off, but then he needs help putting on the other ones. The Mr. Rogers routine was driving me batty.

These pictures are of Lance trying to look at the back of his Elmo undies. He was like a puppy chasing his tail. And I especially love those chunky little legs! :)

Here's a Daily Dose of David for ya. David: Lance gets his thick thighs from you, Rachel. Now I'm aware that my thighs are not slender. In fact I am very aware that they are thick, but couldn't that just be something that is never talked about? I wouldn't mind him saying that Lance has my eyes or chin or something, but my "thick" thighs? Of course we know where he gets his thighs, but do we have to say it out loud? What was my response when he made this statement? First, I laughed out of shock that he just commented on the size of my thighs, and then I called him some names that I can't repeat on my blog--except jerk, I did call him that. :) And then David says, "What? It's the truth." I'm wondering if he is unbelievably brave or just exceptionally stupid. Okay, in all honesty, I'm really not offended by David's statements. Actually, David informed me afterward that he is happy that Lance got my thighs. Um, I had a good laugh & left it at that. As for my big jerk of a husband....I still love him and the crazy things he says & does.

Friday, January 16, 2009

For My Sisters, My Best Friends Forever

Once upon a time...

There were four little girls. These little girls were all really close in age. They grew up in a small town doing small town things. Everyone in town knew who the girls were, but few could keep them straight. Who was who? This was because the girls looked so much alike--because they were sisters.

While the girls were young, they did not always appear to be friends. There were fist fights, yelling, name calling, & tears, boy were there tears. Their house was overflowing with drama & fangs (their dad said that girls grew fangs at age 12--he was right). They fought over clothes, tore skirts off one another in church, tattled on each other, and tortured one another just for the fun of it. If one even wore a scrunchie in her hair that belonged to another sister a fight would ensue (or the scrunchie would be ripped from the thieving sister's hair). They threw things at each other & even broke the possessions of another sister when they felt revenge was warranted.

The older sisters told tall tales about invisible elevators & trap doors that led to other secret rooms. They shared these outlandish stories with the younger sisters to make them feel left out because the younger ones, of course, couldn't see or go into the secret rooms. The youngest sister was fed the most pitiful stories of all. She was told that all her teeth were going to fall out "like grandpa's" and that she was going to die because she got (food) dye on her finger.

Now you may assume that these sisters were only worst enemies. But you'd be very wrong. As small girls, the sisters always had playmates. They made messes together, wore matching clothes, got into trouble together, and shared most everything they had. As they grew, they became a united front. If one sister was heartbroken, the rest of them also felt her pain. When one sister accomplished something great, they all shared her excitement. And if you had the misfortune to cross one sister, you would soon find out what sisterhood meant to these girls. You didn't mess with one unless you wanted to fight them all.

The girls grew up & one by one left home. They were never far from each other & at different times a couple of them would live together sharing more fights & fun times. They enjoyed getting together to laugh & play & talk about everything--together they could solve the problems of the world.

Then one by one they were married & began having children, growing their own little families. Still they continued to talk often, visit whenever possible, & share in the everyday battles & triumphs of each other's lives. And they rejoiced together in the joys of motherhood. They still argued occasionally & gave their opinions too freely because they knew that they would always be forgiven for any offense given.

Many other friends have come & gone, but never have they known friendship like the kind they enjoy as sisters. Now there are still many tears shed--but not from fighting. They are tears cried because of the many miles that separate these sisters. Tears cried because they miss each other more than they could have ever imagined in their little girl hearts & minds. And each and every one of them dreams of the day that they can once again live close together to share in all of the joys and miseries of life because that is what sisters are for.

The End

P.S. These girls were blessed with another sister when their brother got married. She is not a sister-in-law to them, but a real and true sister, and they love their new youngest sister as much as they would had she been born their into their family.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hide the Baby...Again

David asked me a couple days ago if I thought Luke was big enough. Big enough for what? Big enough to go in the cupboard, duh! And then Daddy tried it out right away. Yep, he's big enough. I hope this satisfies David's curiosity. I really thought he had gotten his fill of baby hiding when Lance was a baby.This is Lance "finding" Luke. Lance thought this was the most hilarious game of hide-and-seek ever!Here are a couple pictures I had posted of the "original" hidden baby--Lance. And for those of you who aren't familiar with Hide the Baby or would like to read about the invention of the game ;) click here.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Of course I'm completely biased, but I think these two are super cute. I had to share a picture of them in their matching "shammies" (as Lance calls them). Notice they are holding hands? Lance absolutely loves it when Luke grabs his hand. They've become best buds. Lance, who still speaks mostly gibberish, likes to baby talk to Luke. He gets right in his face & says, "Bobby, bobby, whas oo doin?" Which translates to baby, baby what you doing? Then there's a whole string of gibberish (in baby talk voice) that nobody can understand--David thinks Lance is speaking Alien. And now when one brother is laughing it makes the other brother laugh--which in turn makes Mom & Dad laugh. Lance also likes to sit right next to Luke and help him play with toys, and he is constantly rubbing Luke's cheek & forehead & kissing him. I think someone can't wait for his brother to be big enough to really play with. They are both growing way too fast for Mommy. Slow down already, boys! Mama sure loves you both.
And how about a Daily Dose of David? Daddy dressed Lance (what a helper), and Lance came downstairs wearing this....
No they are not capris. They are Luke's jeans--size 6-12 month. When I told David the pants look a bit small, he said, "I thought they looked short." He's very astute. I asked David why Lance was even wearing them, and he replied, "He brought them to me. I thought he knew which dresser drawer was his." Yeah, and when you discovered they were half a foot too short, was it too much trouble to take them off & put on a pair that fit? Oh, and the pants were actually buttoned up.

Friday, January 9, 2009


We traveled to Utah for Christmas & were able to see most of our family members. I won't say I'm a bad mother because I didn't get any pictures of Christmas morning. I'll just admit to being a bit preoccupied with watching Lance & his cousin Kendra open presents. They didn't understand a thing about Santa, but they both were pretty excited to discover presents left by Santa & open more presents.
The next day Grandpa got the four-wheeler out to pull the kids in the big sled. This was the most fun Lance has ever had in the snow. He still doesn't want to touch it or even walk in it, but the sled kept him out of it & seemed to be a big hit.
David being pulled in the sled with Emma, Gauge, Lance, and Kendra
Lance riding on the back of the four wheeler in what my dad calls the "Queen" seat
Brother-in-law Nick, David, & brother Russell doing "guy" things (brother-in-law Dustin, and my dad were helping also but not pictured--seriously, how many guys does it take to fix Old Blue?)
We didn't get to spend much time with David's parents, but we did get to see them, & I actually took some pictures of our "second" Christmas morning at their house. Lance had tons of fun playing with Grandma & Grandpa & Aunt Julie and being the center of attention--something he really enjoys.
Grandma with Lance and Luke
Lance opening presents with Grandma, Aunt Julie, and Grandpa
Goofball Lance--I wonder where he gets it? Hint: Daddy
Aunt Julie with Luke
Grandma with Luke
And here's a pretty good Daily Dose of David. So I was talking to David about my dad & his job (my daddy drives trains--choo choo!), and somehow the conversation got around to fuel for trains. Maybe I just assume that everybody know this (but pretty much everybody knows *eyeroll*), trains run on gasoline--diesel, in fact. When this fact comes out in the conversation, David breaks in with, "I thought trains ran on coal." I just sat there blinking, waiting for the joke. It didn't come, and David says, "No, seriously. I thought that is what your brother did for the railroad--shovel coal into the engine." More blinking. More waiting. Still no joke. And then came the laughter (my own laughter). David also had a good laugh after I told him that it's been a while since anyone had to shovel coal into the engine of a train. Now all I can imagine is my brother in overalls shoveling coal. This image still brings about giggling fits. (My brother, by the way, also drives the choo choo.)