Sunday, November 25, 2007

Little Update

Okay, so we're living in Avon, Colorado--which is just a couple miles from Vail. David has been here for a month, & me and Lance have been here for 2 weeks. We think we'll only be here until the end of March, so we left all of our stuff in Storage. So unfortunately I'm living without my computer & the internet. (Right now I'm at the library.) We're sleeping on an air mattress--for 4 months. Lance is sleeping in his portable crib. And we eat at a card table. The only other things in the apartment are a TV (which we bought when we got here) and Lance's toys (that he got for his 1st birthday!). We're kind of "camping out." I also had to buy a couple pans & dishes, so we didn't have to eat out every day.

Anyway, you'll probably not hear from me very often, & I can't post any pictures. I'm pretty bummed about that because I have some really cute pictures of Lance's first Halloween--he was a cute little elephant--and his first birthday!! He wouldn't make a mess with the cake because he doesn't like his hands dirty. He actually cried when Daddy helped him put a finger in the cake. :) Well, I'm running out of time at the library computer, so I better scoot. I'll try to update more frequently--but no promises. :)