Thursday, April 9, 2009


We're almost done packing, & we'll be moving this weekend. I'm so sick of packing moving that I'm ready to either sell everything or throw it all away! At least this move will be to a fully furnished apartment (since it's a short stay), so there will be no moving in or out--hooray! And moving stuff into a storage unit much easier. Goodbye computer (for just a bit), and hello, Vail...again. Ugh!! Have I ever mentioned how much I do NOT like Vail and how it is the one place neither of us wanted to ever go back to again? Oh, well. I'm officially making a giant effort to find reasons to like it this time. Wish me luck. :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - Edition "M"

1. Mommy - I love being Mommy more than anything!

2. Melissa - My wonderful & talented sister (who is as awesome as Lynette--from the "L" list). Check out her SUPER cute hair bows at the Snugglebug Bowtique (

3. Movies - We watch tons of movies. When we've seen every good one, we move onto the lame ones. :)

4. Move - We're getting ready to move...again. This will be the 5th move since we've been married (only 3 1/2 years).

5. Melinda - My sister-in-law who Lance referred to as Aunt Dewey (mixed her up with Aunt Julie) all weekend. He even brought her shoes to her & put them on her feet when it was time for us to leave so he could take her home with us.

6. Matrix - Thought I hated these movies until I watched them with David. Love 'em!

7. Morning - I am not a morning person. Morning shouldn't start until 8 am...or 9. If I got up sooner, I would end up with everything done by noon. And then what am I supposed to do for the rest of the day?!!! ;)

8. Mint - I'm eating Junior Mints right now. Mmmmmm.

9. Melon - I hate any type of melon. That includes cantaloupe & watermelon. Yuck!

10. Milford - Tiny little town where I grew up, & I still call it home.

11. Mummy - Lance loves to put "mummy" in his piggy bank, & I'm told it doesn't grow on trees.

12. Milk - We drink a LOT of the stuff--about 6 gallons a week (is that a lot? haha).

13. Mind - I'm losing mind...or I've already lost it...don't know which...what is it we were talking about?

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