Saturday, October 20, 2007

Rock Paper Scissors

Last night David & I stayed up late watching movies. So of course we were both extremely tired when Lance woke up this morning. I had gotten up with him a couple times in the night (normally he sleeps through), & then I got up to give him a bottle this morning. Afterward I brought him to bed--just in case he wanted to sleep some more (a mother can dream, can't she?). He just rolled around & climbed all over David. He poked at his ears & eyes, bit his nose, pulled his hair, & climbed all over his head. With all this entertainment I couldn't sleep anyway. It was pretty funny. But finally Daddy had enough & suggested we play rock, paper, scissors to decide who would take Lance out of the room while the other slept in. I lost. David thinks this should be how we decide who gets up with Lance every weekend. I think not. He'll just have to take his turn like a big boy. :) I do have a great husband though, and later he let me take a nap while he watched Lance. When I woke up I found Lance in the laundry basket reading a book.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Up-coming Move

So we decided a couple weeks ago that we were going to move back to Vail. I knew a move was imminent, but I'm still so sad to leave Jackson. :( I love Jackson & the people here so much!! It has been such a wonderful place for us to be. I'm going to miss it a ton.

Anyway, we are excited to go back to Vail. It's such a beautiful place, & we really are 2 hours closer to home (that's for our family who wants us closer). David is going to work for a huge company doing commercial work--that he absolutely loves. He worked for this company when we got married & he liked his work so much more then. We don't know how long we'll be in Vail, & we'll probably move around with them a bit more. But we're kind of excited about that.

The move happens next Wednesday. I know--so soon! But David will be taking us down to Utah, & I will stay with my parents for a while until he finds us a place. So that's our moving news. And I better get packing. I hate the packing & cleaning part...yuck! There's so much more to move & clean this time.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Las Vegas

It's good to be home--even if it's only for a week and a half. We left for Utah on Friday the 5th & just got back on Sunday (the 14th). We spent time with family & David & I spent 5 days in Vegas, woo hoo. We had so much fun, but home & my own bed is fabulous.

The day we left, we were trying to make it to a wedding & reception in Tooele, Utah. We got a late start, & then stopped about a gazillion times for Lance & David. So we missed both the wedding & reception. The trip should have been a little over 5 hours, but it took us 8 hours. Oh well, good intentions anyway. David's family all met at his grandparent's house, so we were able to see most everyone & visit a little. We had a great time just visiting, & Lance had fun playing with the kids.

We then drove to Milford where we stayed with my parents for a couple days. We left Lance with my Mom--I was sad. :( And on Monday we headed to Vegas!! We forgot our camera, so I have no pictures. We actually bought a disposable one, but then David used it to take pictures of the giant construction sites & all the cranes. I guess that's the plumber in him, or maybe it's just a guy thing.

We stayed at the Alexis Park Resort (not a casino) for free--we did that Tahiti Village presentation thing. Anyway, we walked around a bit, gambled a bit, ate a lot, & my favorite--we saw Phantom of the Opera. It's not the Phantom that travels all over the world performing. The Venetian has built a theatre just for Phantom (it is soooo cool), & they perform every day. Anyway, it was absolutely amazing. David & I both loved it. I wanted to get up on stage & sing, too.

We also made time to go to the Las Vegas temple. It was the first time David & I were able to go to the temple together since we first went in July, so it was probably the highlight of my trip. It was also where I realized I missed my baby boy sooooo much. I wanted to rush home to him right away. But David assured me he was doing wonderful with the grandmas, & reminded me that we don't get the opportunity often to go on any kind of vacation. It was so wonderful just spending time with David without any other responsibilities.

We finally left for Utah on Friday, & David & I were both so ready to see our boy. He had been sick the whole time we were gone (what a horrible mother I am) & he was so excited to see us--which was wonderful. He mostly wanted his dad which was okay with me. I'm getting all the time with him now anyway. Then of course we came home on Sunday. It's been so great to be home, but now it's time for packing since we're moving to Vail, Colorado.
More to come.......

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Help...I'm Stuck!!

Along with playing under the table, Lance likes to crawl into small spaces. I think he likes the table because the chair legs make a small maze for him. Problem is, even though he can crawl in, doesn't mean he can crawl out. Today he got stuck crawling between two TV trays. No they aren't heavy, unmovable trays. But they do have a TV on top (David's cheap TV stands). And Lance was really stuck--mama to the rescue.
A couple weeks ago he got stuck between a wall & some chairs in our Sunday school class. We have a small class & usually sit in kind of a circle. Because it's small, Lance gets to crawl around on the floor (because everyone else says so). He crawled behind a row of chairs until he got wedged between the chair against the wall. He had gotten half his body past the chair & was lying on his side fighting like mad to get out. He eventually gave up & just lay there awaiting rescue. I was facing that side of the room, & so I could see what was happening. I was just wondering if I should ask a few people to stand & move their chairs to free my baby (a bit embarrassing..."could we please stop class, everyone stand & move your chairs, so I can get to the little guy that is lodged between the wall & the chairs"). But a nice older man took pity on the stuck little guy & stopped class for me. I guess I'll be limiting Lance's wanderings from now on. :)

Our Wild Weekend

David's brother Mike & his wife Kelli came to visit us this last weekend. We were so happy to have them here, & we had a great time. I'm so sad that they couldn't stay longer--like forever. Lance just loves his Uncle Mike & Aunt Kelli. Although he did seem a bit afraid of Mike at first. But they were good pals once Uncle Mike gave the bawling Lance a cracker (see, everyone can be bought).

Mike & David spent the weekend hunting. They assured me that if they even saw an elk, they wouldn't come home empty handed. Lucky for the elk they didn't see anything. Kelli & I spent the weekend plotting how we could get our husbands to move to the same town, so we could live next to each other. We have yet to come up with a winning solution to this distance problem--but we're working on it.

So, are you wondering where the "wild" comes in. Okay there is no wild. I just wanted you all to be intrigued enough to read on. But we do miss Mike & Kelli already. :( And we are actually headed to Utah for a couple days, & then we're off to Vegas. But I can't guarantee any "wild" in that trip either. We'll have to count on my wild man to be crazy while I pretend I don't know him. :) I hope the grandmas are ready for our "wild" boy!
Greasy little lips. I wonder what greasy thing looked good enough to eat.