Thursday, January 14, 2010


This is my favorite little pucker face! And below him is another cute little pucker face. Can you tell they're related? Pucker faces, curly hair, and all. :) It's his cousin Brylen who is only a couple months younger than Luke. Now anybody wanna kiss?

And I hope this Daily Dose of David has you laughing as hard as I was when it happened! It was probably a month ago when I crashed into bed exhausted & David fell asleep instantly & was snoring. Loudly!! I knew there was no way I was going to be able to sleep. But because he had just gone to sleep, I knew that if I pushed him to roll over or shook him, he was going to yell at me for waking him up (and for pushing or shaking him). So I reached over & rubbed his back. I was thinking that maybe he was awake just enough that when I rubbed his back he would move & stop snoring. And that's when I heard, "That was really nice." Huh? And before I could reply he said, "No, I mean it. That was really nice of you." Huh? some more. And the kicker? "What dealership do you work for? Toyota?" And as I began giggling...more snoring. But who cares about the snoring when you're laughing so hard you're sure you're going to wake up the husband & the kids!