Thursday, December 16, 2010


Of course I'm late on this....I always am.  Lance turned four last month!!  He had been asking every day since August if it was his birthday yet.  And a month after his birthday he is still singing Happy Birthday to Lance.  :)
Lance opening presents on his actual birthday.  And the banana in the picture...David wrapped it.  He thought it was hilarious.

 Luke was thrilled to be able to open a present, too.

 His birthday party.  Blowing out the candles on the pink birthday cake.  Pink cake, pink frosting.  Lance picked it.  I figured the iron man action figures on it counteracted the pink. ;)

 I didn't get pictures of most of the party, but I'm pretty sure Lance had lots of fun.  I had my very own party organizer (thank you, Lynette!!) who made sure the party was everything a little boy could want.  I love you, Lancey!!  And stop growing up!


Melissa said...

Can I just have those two cuties?? I better clarify for David's sake *wink*... Can I have Lance and Luke?? I LOVE the pink cake!

Lora said...

I think you're right the action figure off sets the pink cake ;) I can't believe how big he is getting!

Lora said...
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Crystal said...

We are sorry we didn't make it but I heard it was a great party....and I second the stop growing part, they are getting too big, too fast!

Jeep and Nisha's Family said...

Your boys are getting so big. They are so handsome! P.S. I love the cake!

The Lawn Ranger's Woman said...

I think you meant, "Wancey." Happy Birthday, buddy. I love you :)